Diduck’s Index

Lies data tell: 0

The depths of human deception: ♾

Harper’s Magazine Foundation mailing address: 666 Broadway, New York, New York[i]

Total U.K. population in 2020: 67,886,011[ii]

Britons in 2020 affected by “low financial resilience”: 27.7 million

Number of centuries since Britain has suffered such a devastating economic depression: 3[iii]

Canadians who reported their financial situation had worsened over the past 12 months: 42%[iv]

Number of Pfizer shares Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold in 2020: 132,508

Price per share: $41.94

Albert Bourla’s net profit: $5,557,385.52

Number of days Bourla waited to sell his stock after Pfizer announced its successful vaccine: 0

Laws against Bourla’s stock sale: 0[v]

Rise in number of the world’s billionaires in 2020: 660

Cumulative worth of the world’s current 2,755 billionaires: $13.1 trillion

Current rank of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos: 1

Current rank of former U.S. President Donald Trump: 1299

Number of America’s top ten billionaires who are women: 0[vi]

Net worth of Oprah Winfrey: $2.6 billion[vii]

Net worth of Meghan and Harry, Duke and Duchess of Sussex: $10 million[viii]

Net worth of Calvin Harris: $300 million[ix]

Net worth of Richard D. James: $12 million[x]

Percentage change in net worth of the U.S.’s billionaires from March to December, 2020: +36%

Net worth of America’s top ten billionaires: $1 trillion

Net worth of the economic bottom half of America’s population: $2.1 trillion

Population comprising America’s economic bottom half: 165 million[xi]

Percentage change in Tesla’s stock in 2020: +720%[xii]

Percentage change in Sundial Growers’ (marijuana) stock in 2020: -84.3%[xiii]

Projected U.S. defence budget for 2021: $706 billion

Percentage change from 2020: -4%[xiv]

China’s projected defence budget for 2021: $202 billion

Percentage change from 2020: +6.8%[xv]

Average life expectancy of U.K. citizens: 81.26 years

Average life expectancy of U.S. citizens: 78.54 years[xvi]

Average lifespan of the Higgs boson particle: 10^minus 22 seconds[xvii]

Bitrate of Bell 101 modem: 110 bits per second

My current download speed: 377.76 megabits per second

Number of global websites as of January 2021: 1,197,982,359

Last time the number of websites dipped below 1 billion: March 2016

Percentage of world’s websites considered abandoned: 85%[xviii]

Number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Alberta, Canada, as of April 8th, 2021: 156,905[xix]

Number of confirmed seasonal influenza cases in Alberta as of April 8th, 2021: 0[xx]

Opioid overdose deaths in Alberta, Canada, in 2020: 1,128[xxi]

COVID-19-related deaths in Alberta in 2020: 1,046[xxii]

Reports to the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in March 2019: 983,734

Reports to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in March 2020: 2,027,520[xxiii]

Percentage change in vinyl record sales in 2020: +28.7%

Percentage change in CD sales in 2020: -23%[xxiv]

First radio broadcast: November 2nd, 1920[xxv]

Number of streaming music subscribers in 2020: 400 million[xxvi]

Peak NME readership: 307,217 (2016)

NME’s reduced cover price: £0[xxvii]

Date of NME’s last print issue: March 2018

Number of years NME published a print edition: 66[xxviii]

Price of Coca-Cola from 1886 to 1959: 5¢

Current price of Coca-Cola: $1.49

Coca-Cola serving size from 1886 to 1959: 6.5 oz.[xxix]

Current Coca-Cola serving size: 12 oz.[xxx]

Percentage change in suitcase and luggage sales in 2020: -77%[xxxi]

Percentage change in doormat sales in 2020: +147.8%[xxxii]

World’s largest “macrocorp”: Apple Inc.

Apple’s market value: $1.971 billion[xxxiii]

Percentage change in Apple profits from Q4 2019 to Q4 2020: +14.9%

Percentage change in Huawei profits from Q4 2019 to Q4 2020: -41.1%[xxxiv]

Percentage of total global population currently using mobile devices: 66.6%

Total number of hours users will spend on social media in 2021: 3.7 trillion

Projected combined human existence spent on social media in 2021: 420 million years[xxxv]

Google search for “Boring Dystopia”: About 1,250,000 results (0.58 seconds)

Google’s market share of search engines as of July 2019: 92.18%[xxxvi]

Google’s market share as of February 2021: 92.05%[xxxvii]

Most frequently searched-for word on Google: Facebook[xxxviii]