A Thanksgiving Prayer, after William S. Burroughs

For Stephen Reid, may you soon know freedom.

Canadian Thanksgiving Day, October 13th, 2014.

Thanks for the tofurkey and pumpkin pie that apolitical hipsters will pass through their limp and lifeless insides.

Thanks for the Great White North, a whole country to poison and pollute beyond recognition and repair.

Thanks for the First Nations to elevate or ignore, praise or imprison, depending on our political needs.

Thanks for the Reservation system, upon which South African Apartheid was modeled.

Thanks for the Tar Sands, tailing ponds, and the disease, disfigurement, and death of thousands of unsuspecting and innocent animals.

Thanks for continuing to sell asbestos to developing nations, despite unanimous international agreement on its hazards.

Thanks for the Manning Centre for Destroying Democracy.

Thanks to the Harper Government for their unwavering contempt for Parliament, Sociology, and Science.

Thanks for disenfranchising students – who wants the educated to vote, anyway?

Thanks for the suburbs, the vast and homogenizing hoards.

Thanks for mandatory minimum sentencing, and perpetuating the futile war on drugs.

Thanks for the systematic deregulation and privatization of public wealth.

Thanks for an online world where we are either with the police or child pornographers – where everyone is under strict self-surveillance.

Thanks for killing off the CBC. Strombo always gave me anxiety attacks, and Don Cherry is a test pattern.

Thanks for weakening the strong, falsifying the truth, and enslaving the free.

Yes, thanks for finally fulfilling the Canadian Dream – a frozen land of frozen minds.